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  • Nico Quintos

Lord of Life

One of this country's best-known preachers, when very young, was asked to preach at the funeral of an influential businessman. He went immediately to the Scriptures to see what Jesus himself had said at funerals. He quickly noticed NOT what Jesus said but what he did.

Jesus went to a funeral three times. And in every instance, he broke up the funeral. He threw out the mourners from the room and raised Jairus' daughter from the dead, giving her back to her parents. At another funeral in the village of Nain, he touched the coffin of a young man during the funeral procession and said, "Get up!" and gave him back to his mother alive. And Lazarus, the friend for whom he wept, Jesus called forth from the grave and returned him alive to his sisters, Martha and Mary.

Jesus exercised power over death during his own life on earth at three funerals.

Jesus, who died for our sins on the Cross, has risen from the dead. The Father made him Lord of the living and the dead. And so, when we are united with the Risen Lord when we die like him, when we die to sin, God raises us to life in the Spirit.

We are united with Jesus through baptism. Every Easter, we renew our baptismal promises. In baptism, we die with Christ; we die to sin so that we might rise with Him. Our lives should be marked by a constant process of renewal and conversion, day by day, turning away from patterns of doing and thinking that block our relationship with God and one another and embracing the way of God, the way of love.

We are united with the Risen Lord, which means carrying the Easter hope and joy into every aspect of our lives. It means seeing the world not as a place of death and despair but as the creation of the loving God who has power over death. Are we bearers of hope in our families, workplaces, and communities? Do we treat each person with dignity as children of God?

At the end of our lives, Jesus makes our funeral procession a victory march through death to life eternal in our true home with our Heavenly Father.

Magdalen told Peter and John that the tomb was empty! Magdalen and all the apostles came to see that Jesus, the Crucified One, had been raised! He is the Lord of Life! Every preacher, famous and unknown, rejoices in proclaiming this good news.


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